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From 2022/06/01, the Japan Post will have to increase all of their international shipping fees.
Overseas countries requested more fees from the Japan Post, to accept packages from Japan.
No idea, if it's due to the COVID-19 again. But due to those extra fees that countries requested from the Japan Post, all of the international shipping fees by air and sea of the Japan Post will increase from 2022/06/01.

As soon as I can, I will update all the shipping fees table.

So any pre-orders that will be released in June or later which will be passed before I updated the new shippiing fee.
Please select the shipping option, pay the shipping fee after the release bcoz the shipping fee will increase quite a lot from June, especially to the US.
If I am not wrong the US is the country that requested the most fees, due to that the Japan Post had to create a special shipping zone just to the US.

Recently after a really long negotiation with the US, and after being blocked for over 1 year from sending any packages by Air to the US.
From 2021/06/01, the Japan Post will finally be able to send EMS packages to the US again.
But during the negotiation, the Japan Post was forced to accept the US condition to increase the EMS shipping fee. Otherwise the US wouldn't have accepted EMS packages from the Japan Post.

As soon as I can, I will update the EMS shipping fee table. But there is a probability that the EMS fee will be back to the old EMS fee when the COVID-19 is over. Not 100% sure, but I hope so.